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4SR Sport Cup Plus Gloves (White)
4SR Sport Cup Plus Gloves (White) Palm View
4SR Sport Cup Plus Gloves (White) Side View
4SR Sport Cup Plus Gloves (White) Being worn on the racetrack

4SR Sport Cup Plus Gloves (White)

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Are you looking for an exceptional pair of motorcycle racing gloves?

The Sport Cup Plus Gloves by 4SR deliver a gauntlet-style, full leather sports glove specially designed for racing use.

4SR refused to compromise on the construction or quality of materials used to craft these gloves. What’s more, the Sport Cup Plus gloves have been created with an emphasis on safety, comfort, and a unique look.

By combining exceptional comfort and feel in the fingers with high-level protection the Sport Cup Plus offers an unmatched combination of quality, comfort, and price.

Superior Design & Functionality

  • The biggest development from the previous 4SR race gloves is the use of extreme protective fabric called Schoeller-Keprotec to protect the scaphoid area.
  • The Sport Cup Plus has a pre-curved shape to give the rider a perfect feeling on the handlebars and reduces the problem of blistering hands.
  • Another improved safety feature is the leather connection between the rider's ring finger & little finger, a delicate area that is prone to damage during a crash. Because the pinky finger is impacted in the vast majority of falls, it is conjoined to the ring finger to increase its protection.

Product Features:

  • Full leather gloves made of goatskin.
  • Pre-curved sports design.
  • Ergonomically shaped palm and fingers for better grip on the handlebars.
  • Outer seams ensure comfortable wear.
  • A conjoined pinky and ring finger reduces the risk of injury in the event of a crash.
  • Contains a flexible carbon joint protector.
  • Includes Poreten knuckle protectors.
  • Comes with reinforced palms with the extreme protective fabric Schoeller-Keprotec.
  • Double fastening ensures the glove stays in place if you happen to fall.
  • The XS size is suitable for women.

Technical Specs:

  • Material: Full Leather
  • Color: White
  • Available Sizes: S / M / XL 
  • Brand: 4SR
  • Style: Sports / Racing

Why Choose a 4SR Race Glove?

4SR is a Czech-based company that prides itself on producing gear that is of the highest quality. 4SR custom designs each product according to the culture of road racing and street riding by working closely with professional racers and sponsored riders.

Recommended Glove Maintenance:

  • Treat your leather gloves with leather balm.
  • Dry and ventilate gloves after every ride by promptly removing dirt and insect debris using a soft sponge and warm soap water.
  • Dry the garment away from heat sources and in a ventilated area.

Why these Gloves are Yammie Approved:

 Race Proven Design!  Thanks to a design crafted from the culture of road racing and street riding with direct input from professional racers and sponsored riders.

 More Comfort!  With an ergonomic pre-curved shape to ensure better comfort for your hands.

 Maximum Protection!  With features like a conjoined ring and little fingers that help protect your pinky in a crash situation and Schoeller-Keprotec material used to cover palms prevent abrasions during a slide.

 They’re Weightless!  The supple goatskin leather and protective fabric on these Sport Cup Plus gloves allow for easy manipulation of buttons and controls on the handlebars and an ultra-lightweight gauntlet.

 Value for Money!  Thanks to the combination of high-quality materials and features found at a price point unmatched for this level of race glove.




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